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Novalex, who are we?

In 2016, Ryan Hillier and Sophie Tremblay founded Novalex, a business law firm offering a wide range of high-end legal services. Our legal professionals come from large law firms or recognized companies, and promote a personalized approach aimed at helping their clients achieve their goals. Indeed, we act as a leading partner for businesses here and elsewhere, regardless of their stage of growth. We work in areas such as litigation and dispute resolution, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, labor and employment law, real estate law, infrastructure and construction law, property intellectual, municipal law as well as criminal and disciplinary law. We are dedicated and what drives us is to propel our clients

It’s high time you combine your professional expertise with your social justice values.

Our values


We provide cutting-edge legal services and strategic advice rooted in the business reality of our clients.


We believe that success is only achievable through collective effort. We do everything we can to support the growth of your professional career.


We dare to run a firm that combines purpose with profit. A portion of our earnings is reinvested in concrete initiatives aimed to making legal services more accessible to all.

Why join our team?


Competitive compensation, flexible days in addition to paid vacation, a well-being allowance renewed each year, workplaces according to your needs and personalized support in professional and business development. All within a firm that promotes inclusion and diversity. These are some of the benefits that await you.


Come and develop your career within a rapidly growing company. Let's create your future together.


Our unique approach to the private practice of law stems from our entrepreneurial spirit, an efficient use of new technologies, as well as the customization of our services and prices to more adequately meet the needs of our employees and our clients. L'expérience-avocat.e et l'expérience-client.e sont au centre de nos priorités.

Social responsibility

In 2017, NOVAlex became the first law firm in Quebec to receive a B Corp certification. B Corp certified companies have to obtain an acceptable score on the B Impact Assessment, a comprehensive assessment of their impact on their workforce, customers, community and the environment.

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Testimonials from our professionals

« I chose Novalex because I can work on major cases while helping people and organizations in need, all in a flexible, innovative and healthy professional environment. »

Loris Bénaiteau Lawyer

« I chose Novalex for its corporate culture, its high-impact social mission and its inspiring team spirit! »

Marianne Brouillet Lawyer and mediator

« I chose Novalex to fully engage with a law firm whose mission is both commercial and, not incidentally, social - in short, a professional and social environment that meets my deepest aspirations. And to top it all off, an extraordinary team! »

Daniel Bénay Counsel