Pro bono as a vector for greater access to justice in Quebec

Through its social impact mission, Novalex actively supports Clinique Juste’s projects by giving low-income individuals, NPOs and eligible social enterprises access to comprehensive legal services on a pro brono basis.

A social economy initiative for the legal sector

We believe in a fairer society, in which legal advice is accessible to everyone. That’s why we reinvest a portion of our profits in Clinique Juste. 

Clinique Juste provides pro bono legal services that meet the specific needs of clients referred by partners with deep roots in Quebec: social enterprises, NPOs and residents of Nunavik as part of the flagship Juste Nord project The legal clinic works in collaboration with strategic partners anchored in Quebec to build promising project and to help determine the eligibility of their clients. 

Clinique Juste also disseminates legal information through workshops and conferences. 

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Please note that Novalex and Clinique Juste no longer accept direct requests for pro bono services. For information on accessing free or low-cost legal resources, the Quebec Bar offers a list of organizations that provide legal information or advice on various types of problems and areas of law.